FMP (Face Mounted on Paper)

Papering is the conventional method used for assembling of mosaic. Under this method paper is glued on the face of mosaic (FMP). This is one of the universal ways of assembling mosaic into sheets.


BML (Back Mounted on Link)

‘LinkTec’ is the state-of-the-art innovative technology for assembling of mosaics through Robot. Under this method polyurethane links are created at the back of the mosaics (BML) for assembling them into sheets.

Advantages of “LinkTec” :
Water Resistant
Weather Resistant
Enables better intactness
Easy and Faster installation
Excellent finishing



PALLADIO glass mosaic is suitable for “interior” as well as “exterior” applications. These applications can be at many “places”, be it private or public, as listed below





   Theme Park

   Water Park







   Manufacturing Plant


   Show Room





Public Place


   Bus Station

   Metro Station


   Railway Station

   Shopping Mall














PALLADIO glass mosaic beautifies the ambience of different “areas” in any of the above places. Even a tinge of mosaic applied strategically in the following areas can enhance the beauty of the surroundings dramatically





   Boundary Wall






   Facade / Elevation


   Jacuzzi / Sauna / Steam


   Lift Area

   Living Room


   Lounge / Waiting Area


   Parking Area

   Passage / Walk way

   Pooja Room



   Shower Area


   Swimming Pool

   Swimming Pool Deck


   Wash Area

   Water Feature


PALLADIO glass mosaic, being small in size, can be installed on curved surfaces as well. Some of the common “surfaces” where PALLADIO can be applied are listed below

Light Residential

Floor coverings in areas that are walked on essentially with soft soled footwear or bare feet without scratching dirt. (e.g. Residential Bathrooms & Bedrooms without direct access from outside)


Floor coverings in areas that are walked on by soft soled or normal footwear with at the most occasional small amounts of scratching dirt. (e.g. Rooms in the living areas of homes but with the exception of Kitchens, Entrances and other rooms which may have a lot of traffic)

Heavy Residential

Floor coverings in areas that are walked on with normal footwear more often with small amounts of scratching dirt. (e.g. Residential Kitchens, Halls, Corridors, Balconies, Loggias and Terraces)

Light Commercial

Floor coverings in areas that are walked on by regular traffic with some scratching dirt. (e.g. Entrances, Commercial Kitchens, Hotel, Exhibition and Sale Rooms)

Heavy Commercial

Floor coverings in areas that are subject to severe pedestrian traffic over sustained periods with some scratching dirt. (e.g. Public areas such as Shopping centres, Airport concourses, Hotel Foyers, Public Walkways and Industrial Applications)


Mosaic installed surfaces are easy to maintain. Regular cleaning is essential at different intervals, depending on the degree of soiling and utilization of the covering.

In general, you can use regular cleaning products for cleaning. Avoid cleaning agents containing hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, ammonia, alkaline, bleaches, other hazardous/polluting compounds and cleaning tools like abrasive, wire brushes, etc.

Thorough rinsing and drying the mosaic surface is important after cleaning.