Who we are

The name “Palladio” comes from great Italian architect “Andrea Palladio” of 15th Century, whose contribution in the field of architecture is invaluable. “Palladio being identity of creativity” inspired us to brand our product as “PALLADIO”. Thus, we entered in the art era in 2001 through PALLADIO Glass Mosaic.

What we do

PALLADIO range of glass mosaics allows the designers an unbelievable, first of its kind palette of colours and textures to create stunning visual effects which covers most of the architectural needs. Through PALLADIO range of glass mosaics designers have freedom to explore 750+ options with 8 looks, 3 sizes and 250+ colours.

Where we are

PALLADIO is present in more than 45 countries across Far East Asia, SAARC, Middle East, Europe and American countries. Our endeavour is to penetrate and serve many more countries in different parts of the world.

Today, after 15 years, PALLADIO is treading on this endless journey of art to leave its stamp of creativity by imaginative touch…