Is there any minimum order quantity for a purchase?

There is no minimum order quantity. You are free to purchase as low as 1 sheet of mosaic also….

Do you have mosaic in stock that I can order?

Understanding the sales pattern, we manage a partiuclar level of inventory of each of the 750 mosaics options in Palladio. However, based on your order, it is our target to provide you your design in committed timelines irrespective of the fact that we draw it out from the inventory or should we need to produce it.

Can I buy the mosaics directly?

You can get in touch with our Palladio authorised dealer in your city / region for any enquiry and request for presentation / samples / order / etc. Please feel free to enquire to us directly at palladio@italiagroup.in so that we can connect you to the closest one.

In what sheet size do mosaics come?

Our mosaics are produced in 1 sqft sections, faced with either paper on top or polyutherene joints (Linktec) at the back.

What is the weight of Palladio mosaics?

Palladio mosaics usually weigh around 7kgs / sqm ( 650gms / sqft)

Where are the mosaic produced?

Palladio mosaics are produced and assembled at an advanced facility setup in Mehsana district of Gujarat state, India.

How much do the mosaic cost?

The overall cost will depend on the scale of your project, source of your art, materials used to fabricate the mosaic, design work required, and installation details. Our representative will provide you with a comprehensive estimate after speaking with you in depth about your project.

Is there a representative in my area?

Palladio has representatives and authorised dealers in major cities of India and around the World. Should you have any request, please contact us to guide you to the nearest representative or authorised dealer.


Can the glass mosaic be used for floor application?

We recommend using the glass mosaics to light residential floorings. It can however be also used in places like pool deck areas where the movement is majorly with naked feet.

Are the glass mosaics recommended for exterior applications?

The glass mosaics can be installed in absoltue any application area including exteriors, be it facades, signages, exterior walls, pools, landscapes, etc

Are the glass mosaics safe to use in wet areas?

The glass mosaics are available in a size of 2.5×2.5cm which allow multiple grooves across 1sqft area. This reduces friction and a perfect prodcut for wet areas like pool decks, changing areas, and baths.


Can you mix different mosaic in same sheet?

Yes, we name this technique as Modular. You can either refer to the marketing toosl for the references for the same or provide a custom pattern.

I like a design from the Palladio collection. Can I customize it?

For sure. Palladio comes with a freedom of customizing the designs and made fit to your canvas size and your preferred colours and mosaic size.

Can you design a mosaic flow in an offset / herringbone pattern?

Yes, it is possible wih certain sizes of mosaics. We name this technique Classic. You can refer such designs under the Classic section in the marketing tools or can alo provide a custom design.

Can you produce my design into mosaic?

Mostly yes. We need to know the complexity of the design and its canvas size to confirm the same. The bigger canvas size, the better to get a better output of the mosaic design. So, be it an image, a digital file, a picture, a fabrix swatch or just a word, our designers shall effort thier best to get appreciating results.

How do I start the process of designing my application area with mosaic?

Firstly, you need to know the application area dimensions. Secondly, you need to select the design from the Palladio library or provide us a custom design with colour preferences. Accordingly, we shall provide the presentation and / or samples, if required. Once approved, we move to the commercials and send the desing into production.

What resolution image do you need to provide for customisation?

An image with 1680×720 dp or more is apt for a wall size of 12 feet x 6 feet.

Are the glass mosaics recommended for exterior applications?

The glass mosaics can be installed in absoltue any application area including exteriors, be it facades, signages, exterior walls, pools, landscapes, etc


How fast can I get a custom presentation?

Generally the turaround time for normal designs is 2-5 working days. If the designs are complex or artistic in nature, it may take upto 20 working days as well.

I need some further customisation in the presentation provided by you, is it possible?

Sure why not. We are here to assist you in the presentation until your satisfaction.

Is it mandatory for requesting a presentation?

Generally, a presentation is not required for simpler designs which are a part of the catalogue. But it is advisable to ask for a presentation for any customised or complex designs.


Can I see physical samples of the mosaics?

Yes. We can either show a piece representation from one of our folders or you can request for a bigger representation in form of sample request.

What is the format of samples received?

Our samples come in a binder with an expose to half a sqft of swatch on one side and the product info mentioned on the other side. 1 sqft format available on request.

Are the samples free?

Yes, our standard formats for samples are free. We do however charge for any large-format or promotionally priced samples or mockups.

How long does it take for sampling to be done?

It takes 2-5 working days for the samples to be dispatched once ordered.


How long does it take to process an order once samples are approved?

If all approvals are in place, and if all commercials are duly taken care of, the order can be processed within 1 working day.

How long does it take for the production to take?

Depending upon the quantitly required and complextiy of a job i.e .artistic work, we may take anytime from as low as 3-4 working days to 45 working days to complete a job. The same is confirmed to you within 48 hours of order processing.


How does a mosaic ship?

The mosaic is shipped from the Mehsana facility to the authorised dealer’s shipping address via road logistics or air (in case of speedier requriement). The cartage for the same is on a To – Pay basis. For international sales, it goes either via sea or air ( in case of speedier requriement). The cartage for the same is to be borne by the client.

In international shipments, do I need to pick up the material from factory or sea port?

Generally, we ship the material till our sea-port, hence terms are FOB. Incase of air shipments, the shipment is always Ex-factory.

Which is the nearest sea port for international shipment?

Mundra Port (350kms from the facility) is the nearest port and it usually takes under 1 day for the logistics company to deliver the goods to the port.

Which is the nearest airport for shipments?

Ahmedabad airport (60 kms from the facility) us the nearest airport and it usually takes under 1 day for the logistics company to deliver the goods to the airport.


How much does an installation cost?

Installation generally runs about $10-$40 per sq.ft. / INR 200 – INR 1500 per sqft., depending on the geographical location and the complexity of the application. (This price is considering epoxy installation.)

What maintenance does Palladio mosaics require?

Mosaic is low maintenance. It’s stain resistant and easy to clean, using almost any cleaning agents.

For installation, which assembling method is better - paper or Linktec?

Linktec is the most advanced assembling method. It allows a back mounted polyuthere joint in such a manner that the mosaics are durably connected still maintating a sufficient contact area for mosaics with adhesives.

Will Palladio install my mosaic?

Palladio does not install mosaics but we can recommend a qualified tile installer in your area.