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The - Brand

The name “PALLADIO” comes from great Italian architect “Andrea Palladio” of 15th Century, whose contribution in the field of architecture is invaluable. “PALLADIO being identity of creativity” inspired us to brand our product as PALLADIO. Thus, we entered in the art era in 2001 through PALLADIO Glass Mosaic.

PALLADIO range of glass mosaics allows the designers an unbelievable, first of its kind palette of colours and textures to create stunning visual effects which covers most of the architectural needs. Through PALLADIO range of glass mosaics, designers have freedom to explore 750+ options with 3 sizes, 8 looks and 260+ colours.

PALLADIO is present in more than 50 countries across Far East Asia, SAARC, Middle East, Europe and American countries. Our endeavour is to penetrate and serve many more countries in different parts of the world.

Today, after 18+ years, PALLADIO is treading on this endless journey of art to leave its stamp of creativity by imaginative touch…

Manufacturing Plant

PALLADIO glass mosaic is manufactured at Kaiyal (50 kms north of Ahmedabad city), Gujarat, India. The mosaic production is carried out using state-of-the-art current generation Italian knowhow, plants and machineries.

The superior grade virgin glass producing raw materials are melted in Glass Furnace at 1400˚C and high quality glass mosaics are produced through fusion technology. Our production standards comply the specification as per International Standards, applicable to impervious glass mosaic.

Environment Responsible

PML is environment responsible company. It acknowledges its responsibility by contributing towards environment in different ways.
Solar Power generation at the plant roof tops and its use in production facilities contributes towards less power generation at Power Plants.
Saving Energy by switching over to energy efficient modes at manufacturing plant and at corporate office through use of LED lighting, use of natural lights by using transparent roofing, use of HVLS long blade fans, VRV based air conditioning etc.
Natural Gas usage in Roller Kilns and Furnaces in different production facilities, which is a much cleaner fuel and emits less carbon in the environment.
Improving indoor environmental quality at manufacturing plant by use of battery operated Reach Trucks, Forklift Trucks, Pallet Trucks etc., wherever possible, instead of petroleum driven equipments which emits gases.
Recycling of Water used in the production processes to enable less extraction of water from mother earth.
Recycling of process rejections which gets generated at different stages of production thereby extracting less quantity of clays & minerals from the earth.
Recycled Paper is being used in making of cartons which are used in packing of finished products. Thereby contributes in cutting less number of trees and helps in keeping the environment green.

OUR Ethos


We strive to provide unique design solutions. To achieve it we have talented artists, who keep on exploring and creating “unique design collection”.


Inspiration needs to be translated into reality. We always strive to achieve closer to our dreams by innovation, whether in terms of technique, formats, looks, colours, patterns, designs and so on.


Nature as a whole inspire us towards the spectrum of colour and helps us in decoration of our surroundings. While executing this source of inspiration we keep on discovering our future with the help of experiences of our past.


We believe in transparency in all what we do, be it quality, pricing or dealing with our business associates.


Our passion towards mosaic help us to innovate and create such things which makes the difference whether in product creativity or in services offered to the market.


Teamwork is the key to success. We believe to take all actions in 360° integrated approach which brings in lots of learning and satisfaction to the whole team.